Giorgio Ardrizzi, Mariolina Rolfo

Giorgio Ardrizzi, Mariolina Rolfo

Patagonia & Tierra del Fuego

420 pp – 65,00 euros

III edition December 2015
isbn 9788865944318

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English-language edition
Edizione solo in lingua inglese

This pilot guide, now at its third edition, aims to report the local conditions and knowledge with the greatest accuracy, in order that these 2,400 miles of water can be navigated safely. The work is divided into two sections.
The first section contains subjects of general interest such as flora, fauna, geology, history and heritage.
The second part is strictly nautical and is the result of sixteen years experience in sailing these waters. The authors have selected and personally tested over 400 anchorages – all noted with accurate descriptions and drawings so as to provide the necessary information for a safe navigation. Moreover, this section is improved by the inclusion of notes regarding meteorology, radio frequencies, yacht preparation, rules of navigating and information about Chile and Argentina.

The pilot guide includes:
– 443 items with anchorages, coves and harbours
– 451 general and detailed charts
– 107 drawings
– 93 colour prints and 93 b&w prints

Giorgio Ardrizzi, Mariolina Rolfo

Although both born among the mountains of Piedmont, northern Italy, Mariolina Rolfo and Giorgio Ardrizzi developed a deep love for the sea that culminated in 1992 in the breaking of their social bonds and departing on a voyage across the oceans of the world on their yacht Saudade III. Their decision was not an escape from civilisation, but rather an odyssey in search of a more human temporal dimension in order to regain that most precious and rare of commodities: time. Different cultures and peoples attracted them more than scenic landscapes or beautiful places during their 23-year long voyage. Until now, their search has not been in vain. Mariolina was born in Turin in 1958 and worked for 14 years for a large television company. Giorgio, 3 years older, a graduate of the Music Conservatory, played professionally with the Lyric Orchestra at the Teatro Regio in Turin, for 16 years. Both are contributors to the Italian nautical magazine Bolina, providing technical and travel articles.

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