• Roberto Delogu


    Life in prison seen from the side of the murderer. A strong and unsettling novel

    Emiliano Bardanzellu is an ordinary man, he was born in Cagliari, he works as a waiter but he studied political sciences, his life is simple, his everyday life ordinary, as simple and ordinary is the apparent reason why one evening he kills his wife, guilty of having, for the umpteenth time, compacted a plastic bottle to recycle. Crack – made the bottle – and that sound, terrible and intolerable, caused a blackout.  Emiliano does not defend himself at the trial, he does not declare himself innocent, because he does not remember what happened in those moments of darkness. Will those who read his story, his years in the Sardinian prisons, the men with whom he shared cells and hot meals, his childhood, his losses, be able to fully believe his version of events? A novel that questions our sense of guilt, the intentionality of gestures and the ability to forget, even our worst misdeeds.

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  • Roberto Delogu

    Roberto Delogu was born in Cagliari in 1967 and is a lawyer and fisherman. He has published three novels: La sincerità è un’inutile cattiveria (Madrikè, 2010), L’anno di vento e sabbia (Hacca, 2013) and L’amore come le meduse (Hacca, 2016).

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