• Ezio Sinigaglia


    Eugenio Akron, an architect from Trieste, arrives in a northern island to observe the total solar eclipse which will take place on the day of the vernal equinox. It is what he considers his last journey, an early present for his seventieth birthday, the last emotion stolen from everyday life. He is met by the taciturn nature of the locals, people accustomed to living with the dark solemnity of the rocks and the vastness of the ocean: an austere woman rents him a room, a gruff fisherman offers him his boat to observe the eclipse from the sea. However, among the foreigners who have flocked to the event, Akron comes across an eccentric American widow who, with polite energy, imposes her presence upon him. The unexpected complicity which is established between the two brings back to mind a buried memory of youth – an unresolved issue that can only be solved in the darkness of the eclipse.

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  • Ezio Sinigaglia

    Ezio Sinigaglia was born in Milan in 1948, where he now lives after a long period living in Sardinia. After publishing the novel Il Pantarei in 1985, he continued to develop his narrative voice in private, while his non-fiction occasionally found its way to publication. During his lifetime he has held various jobs, all related to writing: editor, translator, photocompositor, copywriter, ghostwriter, author of guidebooks and, most recently, writing teacher.