• Luisella Dal Pra

    Freedom, together with my heart

    All the passions that move people's lives: politics, art, civil commitment, love.

    A family forced by poverty and political commitment to several migrations, between Marche, Luxembourg and the south of France. Stories of people forced to make important choices, even at the risk of compromising their own existences. In Freedom, together with my heart intertwine, throughout the 20th century and up to the end of World War II, the stories of three characters. There’s Duilio, an artist of anarchist faith, who emigrated in 1912 to Luxembourg, later victim of a decree of expulsion from that country on the instructions of the Italian political police in 1924, during Fascism. Dora, a young French partisan girl who will live a passionate story of struggle and love with Franco, a soldier stationed in the Italian-occupied area in southern France who, after the armistice of September 8, 1943, escapes from the train that is deporting him to Germany. The strength of the values underlying their existence will form the legacy for future generations.

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  • Luisella Dal Pra

    Luisella Dal Pra has always lived and worked in Rome. A teacher, she has worked in education since a very young age. Helping someone grow up has been her lifelong commitment and passion. She has written and published articles in educational journals and industry publications