• Francesca Romana Mormile

    Mare loro

    Bentivoglio is an accomplished, single, goodlooking civil lawyer based in uptown Rome. Tired of working on divorces and infidelities, fed up with her pompous neighbours and colleagues, she gets involved in an education programme for unaccompanied minors organized by the judge of Sciacca, a big love of her youth.

    Thanks to the time she spends with this powerful and enjoyable man, and to this experience so much different from what she’s used to, Bentivoglio is finally able to leave her high heels and walk with feet well rooted on the ground. Her trips to Lampedusa and the impact this new reality has on her – especially the encounter with an Eritrean teenager, will change her perspective and life forever.

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  • Francesca Romana Mormile

    Francesca Romana Mormile was born in Taranto and studied in Rome and Milan. She worked as teacher in secondary schools and with the National office against racial discrimination. She lives in Rome, where she works in education, translation and writing.