• Domenico Dara

    Notes on Celestial Mechanics

    pp. 368 Prima edizione ottobre 2016 Seconda edizione novembre 2016

    A poetic novel which tells the story of the encounter between the magic of the circus and the uncertain destinies of seven unfinished characters.
    The years have passed, and in Girifalco, lives continue to orbit like celestial bodies, trajectories that intersect and recede in response to the mysterious laws of the universe. All lives except those few whom a cruel fate seems to have deprived of movement and illusions.
    Lulù the madman roams the town playing the leaves and waiting for Màmmasa to return and hear his waltz. Archidemu Crisippu cultivates indifference towards the world, while Don Venancio cares only to cultivate the pleasure of the senses. Cuncettina a ’sicca sighs to her unborn child, while Angeliaddu longs for the father he never had. And not a day passes that Mararosa doesn’t curse Rorò for having stolen the love of her life.
    The morning after St. Lorenzo’s night – the night of the shooting stars – a circus comes to Girifalco. It is not one of the usual circuses, however, but an enchanted caravan, a glittering procession of elephants and lion tamers, trapeze artists, knife throwers and illusionists. Its arrival excites the locals and warms their souls, and will forever change the fate of the novel’s seven protagonists.
    Domenico Dara returns to the location of his successful debut – Girifalco, both a real place and and an evocative southern Mediterranean Macondo – to tell a story of surprising destinies and earthly miracles – a literary fairy tale that invites you to look at the reality behind everyday appearances.

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  • Domenico Dara

    Domenico Dara was born in Catanzaro on February 2nd 1971. Brief essay on coincidences is his literary debut, widely acclaimed by critics and readers, that has won various awards, among them: Premio Palmi, Premio Viadana, Premio Corrado Alvaro and Premio Città di Como. He also was finalist at the prestigious Premio Calvino.