• Filippo Tuena

    Reinach’s Variations

    A new revisited edition of one of the most important Italian novels about Shoah, loved by readers and acclaimed from critics. The book tells the story of a Parisian Jewish family, much rich and cultured, expression of Europe of the time, elegant and carefree up to rashness, which in a few decades gets swallowed in the hell of racial persecution. Thanks to a rigorous work of historical research, and an original narrative technique mixing tale and historical sources, pictures and testimonies, the Reinachs’ incredible story is tangled with the account of a research for a lost sonata, found eighty years after its first performance, replaced in repertory thanks to this book.

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  • Filippo Tuena

    Filippo Tuena was born in Rome in 1953. He won the Bagutta prize with Le variazioni Reinach (2005), and the Viareggio prize with Ultimo parallelo (2007, new edition 2013). He also published Il volo dell’occasione (1994; new edition 2004), Cacciatori di notte (1997), Tutti i sognatori (1999, prize Grinzane-Cavour), Michelangelo. La grande ombra (2001; new edition 2008), Manualetto pratico a uso dello scrittore ignorante (2010) and Stranieri alla terra (2012, lonlisted at the Comisso prize). He edited an anthology of the letters from Michelangelo Buonarroti (2002), Robert F. Scott’s journal (2009) and the photographic book Scott in Antartide (2011).