• Giovanni Cocco

    The Fall

    An astonishing apocalyptic parable about the crash and fall of the Western world. From the new year’s eve at the beginning of the third millennium up to the nowadays economic decay of Ancient Europe, a series of fictional tableaux – the French student Eve Renaud, the immigrants Aisha and Odiambo, the Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik and many others – represent and tell the epoch-making changes running over the first decade of the new century and millennium: a violent and dark Paris during the “banlieue riots”, Berlin dealing up with more and more immigrants, London on the day of the tube’s terrorist attack, New Orleans devastated and appalled by Katrina, Naples invaded by rubbish, Greece overwhelmed by the financial crisis. The topics of birth, decay and redemption seen within the lens of childhood and adolescence.

    Shortlisted for the Premio Campiello 2013

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  • Giovanni Cocco

    Giovanni Cocco was born in Como in 1976. He has published Angeli a perdere (No Reply, 2004), Ombre sul lago (with Amneris Magella, Guanda, 2013) and Il bacio dell’Assunta (Feltrinelli, 2014). La Caduta (Nutrimenti, 2013), was one of the five finalists for the Premio Campiello. Nutrimenti also published his La promessa.