• Giovanni Cocco

    The promise

    On the morning of the 24th of March, 2015, Germanwings flight 4U9525 crashes into the massif of the Col de Mariaud in the French Alps. An aviation disaster that shocks the world and marks the beginning of the hellish parabola of the novel’s protagonist, Vincent De Boer, a 40-year-old journalist struggling with his own personal crisis who narrates day by day what happens in the village of Le Vernet, mobbed by journalists from around the world who have rushed there to describe the indescribable. Starting from the most stringent research, Giovanni Cocco traces out once again incredible narrative architecture in which all the main events of recent years emerge from the headlines and develop in unexpected directions. A painful reflection on the meaning of life with a gallery of unforgettable characters including some of the main protagonists of La Caduta – the priest Joseph, the secondgeneration Frenchman Jérôme and young Aisha.

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  • Giovanni Cocco

    Giovanni Cocco was born in Como in 1976. He has published Angeli a perdere (No Reply, 2004), Ombre sul lago (with Amneris Magella, Guanda, 2013) and Il bacio dell’Assunta (Feltrinelli, 2014). La Caduta (Nutrimenti, 2013), was one of the five finalists for the Premio Campiello. Nutrimenti also published his La promessa.