• Giuliano Gallini

    The Second Return

    Joseph Conrad is puzzled when his latest novel, The Return, is not well received by publishers and critics. The book tells the story of a woman abandoning her husband for another man. She leaves a letter to explain him her decision, but soon after she regrets her choice and returns home. Conrad himself has recently moved to a quiet place in the countryside where at that moment everybody seems to be scandalised when a woman leaves the house where she used to live with her husband, son and father in law.
    Milan, nowadays, a contemporary artist is staging The Return. She married a carreer-driven manager, but she now feels tired, disappointed by their relation mostly based on formalities at that point. She then determines to leave him, but after spending the whole day tormented in doubts she finally returns home hoping that he had not read her farewell letter.

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  • Giuliano Gallini

    Giuliano Gallini was born in Ferrara and lives in Padua. He is a manager in one of the largest Italian service companies and deals with the company’s development, strategic marketing, communication and cultural policies. Nutrimenti has published his first novel, Il confine di Giulia (Giulia’s limit) and Il secondo ritorno (The Second Return).