• Marinella Savino

    The Tailor’s shop in via Chiatamone

    pp. 176

    Carolina is a tailor in Naples and on 5th may 1938, sees from her balcony the Hitler and king Vittorio Emanuele’s parade in via Partenope. In that very moment she anticipates intuitively what most of her fellow citiziens will understand much later: there would have been the war. And thanks to her tailoring business she will succeed in saving her family from its consequences. She will go through the horrors of the war while keeping herself busy in protecting and carrying her loved ones on the other side, safe from fear and peril. Only then, she will be able to pull up and get off that chart herself.

  • Marinella Savino

    Marinella Savino was born in Naples in 1965. Her novel La sartoria di via Chiatamone was finalist at Premio Calvino 2018.