• Franco Borgogno

    A sea of plastic

    About 5,500 billions of plastic pieces are abandoned, adrift in the oceans worldwide, It means 50 grams for each and every human being on earth. This numbers are unrestrainingly increasing and we expect the weight of plastic will outcome that of fish by 2050. This tremendously serious subject, despite the growing interest of governments and institutions, is still barely known and discussed. Here’s the complete and detailed report of the first scientific mission ever attempted, in august 2016, thanks to 5 Gyres Institute, aimed at assessing the exact situation of plastic and microplastic pollution in the sea. The author, part of this expedition, recounts his experience, the people and the places and illustrates the results with the help of tables, charts and pictures. He thus helps us better understanding the full size and meaning of the matter, and suggests implementing actions amd measures to contain the phenomenon and save the future of the planet.

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  • Franco Borgogno