• Arturo Belluardo


    This is a multilevel tale, the tale of a man, a predestined loser, and the tale of a dangerous, BULIMIC society. Calafiore is the obese, always hungry main character. His partner Serena wants him to lose weight and insists so much that he tries – sometimes in really exhilarating ways – but always ends up defeated. The spiral of defeat is vertiginous and Calafiore quickly LOSES just everything: his love, his job, his home, his certainties.
    Taking on a challenge for the Guinness World of Records to become THE person who can eat more than 23 sandwiches in 15 minutes, he finally meets his fate in the shape of cannibals that want to eat him on a web-live feast. These two crazy, obsessed, fanatic cannibals – also capable of love and sensitivity and awareness – are determined to punish social injustice, maybe even eliminate it for good, by eating those who “eat” the weak, the poor, the loosers. Is Calafiore, the uncritical bulimic primordial eater, their perfect, final victim or isn’t he their actual possible god, after all? Succesfully combining different styles and languages (from comedy to pop to splatter) Belluardo’s novel mirrors a greedy, cynical society so focused on devouring things, people and values in a continuous orgy, to become unaware of the real processes going on underneath the surface.

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