• Stefano Tofani

    Flowers the wrong way

    pp. 200

    The novel tells about a family of the italian tuscany province from early 80s to these days. The wife cheating, the husband disappearing and the two sons, one healthy, the other one quadriplegic, on wheelchair but with feet well ground. Many things happen during this story, and the author explores different themes: ethernal themes such as love, jealousy, family affection, and current themes like sexual assistance to disabled people. The story is spiced with Italy’s chronicle in the background, toghether with province small talk and facts: gossiping of women, neighbours as chorus (more an italian one than a greek one) in the theater of this human comedy.
    The tale starts and ends with a birth, in a circular structure. The style is quick, light, ironic even in dramatic accounts, rich and mature.

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  • Stefano Tofani

    Stefano Tofani is a graphic designer and journalist and lives in Lucca. He already published a novel – L’ombelico di Adamo – praised by the critics and winner of the Premio Torlonia, and several short stories that granted him the Premio Città di Capannori 2016 and the literary award Fantastic Handicap in 2008 and 2017.