• Monica Pelliccia - Adelina Zarlenga

    The Bee Revolution

    La rivoluzione delle api tells us how bees work to give us food, and how they are threatened by the same mindset and same technologies that are also threatening human extinction, in particular the use of chemicals and pesticides and large scale agricolture, mainly monocolture. These are huge mistakes that are threatening the environment and the biodiversity that protects the enviroment and the survival of many species, including ours. The authors travelled around the globe, visiting big intensive plantations and small rural villages, meeting different realities and people who are trying their best to save bees (and other pollinators).
    This is a survey book, a journalistic reportage through Europe, India and Central America that reveals how the decline in populations of bees directly threatens food security from both global and healthy perspectives.

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  • Monica Pelliccia

    Adelina Zarlenga