• Giovanni Dozzini

    The Choice

    It is 1944. In occupied Italy, a group of Jews have found refuge on the Maggiore island of Lake Trasimeno. The inhabitants of the small village know the faces of those people hidden and guarded up there in the castle, who at times have even appeared in the village, but so far the war has spared the island, and the only reason the Germans have come from time to time has been to take the fishermen’s fish. On the morning of June the 14th, however, three soldiers arrive on the pretext of looking for a transmitter-receiver and begin to search homes. It is during the search that the tragedy occurs: after a scuffle, the soldiers kill three islanders and, in reaction, one of them is shot dead. The Germans retreat, but it is certain that they will return to avenge their fallen comrade and to search the island. The islanders have no choice but to decide what to do: hand over the Jews to the Germans in the hope of escaping their violence, or do the humane thing: help those people to save themselves. Inspired by a true story from the Second World War, Giovanni Dozzini crafts a gripping, epic novel – a choral story of humanity and heroism.

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  • Giovanni Dozzini

    Giovanni Dozzini (Perugia, 1978) has written, mainly about books and music, for various publications including Europa,Corriere dell’Umbria, Huffington Post, Pagina99 and Nazione Indiana. He has worked as editor for various publishers. He is one of the organizers of the festival of Spanish-language literature “Encuentro”. He has published the novel L’Uomo Che Manca (Lantana, 2011).