• Giuliano Gallini

    Giulia’s limit

    January 1931. Giulia lives in a Zurich hotel, almost like an exile. She is being treated by Jung in the hope that depth psychology can help her understand and overcome the crisis with which she struggles. Ignazio Silone, an Italian revolutionary, is also a patient of Jung’s. His existence is at a turning point: he has been accused of betrayal and double-dealing by Togliatti, no longer believes in the Communist Party and wants to abandon politics and become a writer. Giulia and Ignazio meet one cold morning in Platzspitz park and for a year, as Nazism rises in Germany and European democracy is thrown into crisis, they fall in love, loving one another despite the unbridgeable intellectual distance between them and their antithetical visions of the world. With precise, sensitive prose, Giuliano Gallini takes inspiration from a real story to speak about a defining moment in European twentieth century history. A novel which invites us to reflect upon how a brief but intense love story from the last century can also have something to say about us and our time.

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  • Giuliano Gallini

    Giuliano Gallini was born in Ferrara and lives in Padua. He is a manager in one of the largest Italian service companies and deals with the company’s development, strategic marketing, communication and cultural policies. Nutrimenti has published his first novel, Il confine di Giulia (Giulia’s limit) and Il secondo ritorno (The Second Return).