• Pier Vittorio Buffa

    I didn’t want to die like this

    It’s been more than 70 years since that march 25th 1957, when Europe was actually born with the Treaty of Rome. Both the islands of Santo Stefano and Ventotene, once imprisonment places, one for those convicted to life sentence and the other one for exiles, especially war prisoners and regime’s opponents, appear very different today. Still, they are considered the real cradle of modern Europe, and powerful symbols that constantly honour their past and the hard fight for freedom and justice conducted by many of their captives. Thanks to a thourough and careful research in the archives of the prisons, the author presents us, in a modern Spoon River, with unprecedented letters, documents and stories of those who there struggled, suffered, studied and kept the politics going, not all of them surviving long enough to see the fruits of their work.

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  • Pier Vittorio Buffa

    Pier Vittorio Buffa published with Franco Giustolisi, Al di là di quelle mura (Rizzoli, 1984) and .Mara, Renato e io. Storia dei fondatori delle Brigate Rosse (Mondadori, 1988). He’s also author of the novel Ufficialmente dispersi (Marsilio 1995, later Transeuropa 2010) and the powerful essay Io ho visto (Nutrimenti 2013).