• Daniela Gambaro

    Ten almost true stories

    Ten stories following the lead of maternity

    A hidden, fresh spot where all the balls and all the childhood secrets end. A family in search for their lost turtle just before moving to another house. A kid who chooses who to look like to when he gets older through smiles. Another child, born so small his mother dreams of having him sewn back into her belly until he’s ready to come out again. A mother that forgets her daughter inside the car and goes to work, ignoring that turtles can actually cry. A baby sitter who only eats fried chicken, nun and forgets to turn off the gas. A spare room where no child will sleep, ‘cause he hides a secret so terrible it could bring the whole house down. A couple of parents using a sort of self invented english to have grown-up conversations when the kids are around. A mother who has lost a child, and is not satisfied with any common sense, logic, statistic explanation. A luminous little girl who attracts mosquitos and can’t have any pop-corns at the movies. Ten possible stories, ten glances at daily family lives. Light, accurate writing, able to recount also the most difficult, uncomfortable things, so real they are almost true.

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  • Daniela Gambaro

    Born in Adria, in 1976, she graduated from the University of Padova, attended the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome graduating in screenplay in 2005. She works for cinema and tv and lives in Rome with her partner and their two kids.