• Gianfranco Mammi

    Our Lady of the Sullivans

    A satirical novel, ingenious and hilarious, that knows how to make fun of life and death.

    Sullivan lives in a shack, for most of his life he hasn’t done anything special: then he started to die and hasn’t stopped since. We are in the southern United States and the small town is overwhelmed by the Sullivan phenomenon, a man who dies all the time: because of accidents, because of a shooting, killing himself. Sullivan’s corpses fill the town morgue and Sheriff Smid, who loves swimming, hot dogs and solacing himself, is forced despite himself to deal with the affair. A chain of bizarre, paranormal, mystical events upsets the small community. The Sullivan cult is born with a sect in tow, journalists invade the village and the FBI tries to understand the faults and crimes. A novel that plays with American fiction and TV series: witty, sarcastic and unmissable.

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  • Gianfranco Mammi

    Gianfranco Mammi was born in Venezuela but has has almost always lived in Modena, where he graduated in law. He has already published several novels for small publishers and his stories have appeared in newspapers and magazines, including Linus, Tèchne, Panta, L’Accalappiacani, Griselda, Almanac Quodlibet.